Wumpus World Server for AI Bots

Api Auth

To authenticate api requests you need to include your api token.
You can pass your token using a query string parameter or in the http header.
Query String: ?token={api token}
Header: x-wws-token: {api token}

API Structure


  • Forward
  • Left
  • Right
  • Shoot
  • Grab

Action Senses

  • Bump
  • Screem
  • Silence
  • Moved
  • Turned
  • Fell
  • Eaten
  • Looted
  • Nothing

Cell Senses

  • Stench
  • Breeze
  • Glitter

Sample Board

["Free","Free","Pit ","Pit ","Pit "],
["Free","Free","Free","Pit ","Pit "],

Sample State

{"Action Senses" : "Moved",
"Cell Senses": ["Stench","Breeze"],
"Actor State": "S(1,0)"}
"Score": 1000}

Source Code